Commercial Security Systems – Protect Your Business!

Commercial Building Security Systems

Everyone wants to be able to protect their valuables. Whether it is an intrusion, a fire or even an equipment malfunction, commercial security systems provide business owners with a way to keep an eye on things 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each system has different options and upgrades to choose from. Many can be customized to fit a certain facility to make sure that everything is safe and protected.

Businesses use commercial building security systems to protect both the people and the products located inside. Basic systems offer the user an easy way to set the alarm when leaving and deactivate when coming back in. There is usually a key code associated with the system, which is used by employees to gain access to the building.

The system itself is connected to a security company that monitors the area and reacts when an alarm is set off. With just a phone call the local police, fire department and business owner can be informed about the situation. The business owner can then check out the situation to let the security company know whether or not it was an actual intrusion or just a false alarm.

There are several different features that can be added to a commercial building security system to provide more protection. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside of a building to record everything that happens. This information can be invaluable if there is a theft or vandalism. The perpetrator is caught on film. In most cases the cameras can be viewed remotely, making it easy for the owner or security company to check on the property at all times. Most cameras are able to film during both daylight and evening hours.

Control Access Systems

In some instances a company will establish an access system. Through the use of cards or codes, employees will be able to go to different areas of the building. A stranger would not be able to get into the building without the proper credentials and information. In some cases, the work that takes place in the commercial building is highly sensitive. This type of security system protects everything with a well laid out accessibility plan.

Security systems protect from more than just an intruder. Some commercial building security systems can notify an owner if there is a complication with the building, including a fire, smoke, or equipment failure. With special detectors throughout the area, the system will pick up on changes to both the quality of air, in the case of smoke, or the temperature of the room, in case of fire. When something out of the ordinary takes place, the local authorities, including the fire department, as well as the business owner would be contacted to check the situation.

In order to secure a commercial building, it is important to consult with a professional. They will look into things like the number of access points as well as the security already in place. Some locations may need specialized equipment while others may need a more basic set up. A warehouse filled with Black & Decker spare parts may need something completely different from an office building that houses only paperwork. No matter what type of building it is or the items contained inside, it is important to have some type of security system in place.


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