Card Access Control Systems

Card Access Control System Installation

There are two components involved when installing a card access control system. First, the hardware has to be installed and then the software has to be programmed to allow card holders to enter the premises. There are various systems available on the market and each system will be installed a different way according to the instructions that come with the system. These systems used to be a lot harder to install and required quite a bit of technical knowledge. Nowadays, technology has come a long way and almost anyone should be able to easily install the simpler systems on the market. Access control systems used by businesses are more complicated and generally require experienced technicians to set up the system. Wiring the system in large commercial buildings requires thorough electrical knowledge to make it work.

Card access systems can be bought with integrated surveillance cameras if so desired. This allows for the ultimate protection and security of the property. Both business and home user can control the system through their PC via a software application that is installed on the computer. The hardware component of the system has to be installed first in order for the software to be able to set the controls for the device. The instructions give clear directions in how to install the various wiring components needed to make the unit work properly. Many people can follow the instructions but some may require professional help in this regard. The hardware units are installed in the desired location and checked to make sure they are operational.

The system works by reading the card presented to the reader on the unit and sends this information to the control panel. The control panel compares the number on the card to a list of data. If this number is not in the database, access is denied and the door remains locked. If the number matches then a relay is operated that then unlocks the door. Quite often the reader provides feedback by showing a flashing red light for a denied access and a flashing green light for a granted access. The door access control system can be installed using an existing Ethernet network. Authorized individuals have to follow the instructions in the user manual to set up the access controls. The numbers on the cards have to be carefully entered and double checked to avoid entrance denial to qualified personnel.

Once the access controls have been customized the software goes to work and instructs the controller. All commands are processed by the controller. If the system has been installed by a company, access can be changed by authorized users from anywhere within the company network. The components will need to be installed by strictly following directions or the signal between the controller and access cards may not function properly. Using systems such as these provides a high level of security for both homes and businesses. It`s even possible to make your games room secure and sports minded individuals may be interested in checking out table tennis tables and other leisure equipment.

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