Panic Bar Installation

Why Businesses Need To Have Panic Bars

Running a business is complex enough, but when the business has some type of catastrophe strike it can be much more difficult. Business owners know that preparation is the main reason why they should have panic bars installed at their commercial property.

One reason that a business should have these is they can help the customers open the door in the event of an emergency. In the event of a fire your customers or employees have a much easier way to get outside with panic bars installed on your outside doors. These type of panic bars also offer a higher level of security from the outside due to their design which spans across the door horizontally.

Many states’ building codes in the U.S.A require push bar exit devices to be installed. They can be know as “crash bars” due to the fact that they can be opened in an emergency by someone crashing into them. These type of doors can either be one-way, ones that cannot be opened from the outside, or have a door handle mounted on the outside for entry.

Our locksmiths at US Locksmith Pros are capable of repairing and installing your panic bars at your business. We are capable of providing a full range of parts for many types of devices. Call now for details and part availability in your area!